International Human-Animal Bond Day

The inaugural International Human-Animal Bond Day is November 8th, 2021! In recent years, this topic has been increasingly acknowledged, studied, and even used in all sorts of marketing but never recognized with one focused day by the International Human-Animal Bond community.

The Human-Animal Bond Association (HABA) is a group of like-minded people who care for other animals. HABA’s mission is to Advocate, Celebrate and Educate about our connection with the natural world including our companion animals and why that’s important to all of us.

The International HAB Day is a joint effort between the Human Animal Bond Association in the United States and the Society of Companion Animal Studies in the United Kingdom.

Be sure to join us in elevating the HAB by sharing your stories on social media and tagging #IHABDay #HABA #HumanAnimalBond
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