Students Are The Future of The Human-Animal Bond

Students will act as future leaders in advocating, celebrating, and educating all aspects surrounding the bond. Therefore HABA is proud to include students at veterinary colleges, veterinary technician schools, and students of all human animal interaction programs as members of our organization. An important core value of HABA is to ensure that all voices within the human animal bond are heard – including students! While it is imperative that they focus on their studies, it is equally important for students to focus and embrace the reason they are involved in the program of their choice.

HABA will offer financial support whenever feasible on a case-by-case basis to any HAB interaction focused college or school to support activities surrounding the human animal bond. The human animal bond is our “Why”, and it is our clients “Why”. HABA understands that students are future leaders in advocating, celebrating, and educating this bond. Please reach out HABA  for support of activities you are looking to host and/or if you are interested in starting a student chapter at your school.

Student Clubs

Provide mentorship to HAB focused student clubs in which support the student body and local communities.


Support HABA by becoming a member and help contribute to the elevation and education of the human-animal bond, and the beauty it brings to all things great and small.